Yoga Minds is an organisation that is dedicated to bringing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to children.

We achieve this through the practice of physical movement, mindfulness, meditation, breath awareness and relaxation techniques, all wrapped up in a fun, engaging and creative lesson.


  • Children attending Yoga Minds develop communication and language skills, through encouragement of listening, speaking and confidence in self expression.
  • Participants benefit from physical development, learning about their own body, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and movement.
  • The sessions also address personal, social and emotional development with children learning how to manage feelings and behaviours, and to have respect and empathy for themselves and others around them.
  • Sessions are created to promote both the autonomy of the young person, whilst encouraging cohesion between peers and the wider environment around them.


  • At Yoga Minds we believe that each child is unique and has their very own superpowers. In essence, these superpowers are concepts such as kindness, friendship, strength, health, confidence and creativity. All sessions are carefully designed to inspire students to develop in these key areas and to develop self belief, and to make their dreams a reality.
  • With the rise in child mental and physical health difficulties, Yoga Minds provides a way for children to develop coping skills in all areas of their lives; physically, emotionally, socially and academically.


  • We have a purpose built online video app, allowing children to practice at home. Free to all of our students; pre- recorded videos of our tutors are posted to pupils’ profiles each week, which children can then practice at home.
  • Our online system also handles all payments and registration, freeing schools of unnecessary administration.
  • Our founder is an experienced and registered Occupational Therapist within the NHS in addition to being an experienced childrens and adults yoga teacher: as such all sessions are designed with childrens’ physical, social and emotional developmental milestones in mind.

To view details of our services please visit our Lessons page or for more information please feel free to contact us.